Pocket Operator newcomer is a drum and percussion synthesizer

Pocket Operator newcomer is a drum and percussion synthesizer

(Tech Xplore)—A little pocket synthesizer is making a stir among those who are into creative life of beats and sounds.

Teenage Engineering has unveiled its new pocket drum machine. It's called the PO-32 Tonic and the prices are relatively affordable—but more on that later.

Julian Horsey in Geeky Gadgets was among numerous new gadget watchers who reported on the new item.

But first, what is Teenage Engineering? They are already known in some circles for what they do.

Andrew Liszewski, Gizmodo, said, "For electronic musicians who still like being able to perform with dials and buttons, Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators are miniature synths that manage to pack a tremendous amount of functionality into a tiny package."

The company already had issued their first pocket sized synthesizers before this one, but new features "set it apart from previous versions," said Geeky Gadgets.

Gizmodo said other Pocket Operators that have been available since 2015.

The PO-32 Tonic was developed in collaboration with Magnus Lidström, said Gizmodo. He contributed to the original versions of the Pocket Operators, and wrote a software drum machine and percussion synthesizer for Windows and Mac called Microtonic.

Teenage Engineering's site has three concise words to define what you can do with the new product: tweak, transfer, play. They refer to the new arrival as:"PO-32 tonic, the new gold standard drum machine.

Perhaps the best straightforward description is from the headline in Gizmodo. The story in Gizmodo lets you know that this is a pocket sized synth "using dial-up Internet tricks to share sounds and songs." What do they mean by that?

Liszewski wrote, "The PO-32 Tonic is actually designed to work with Magnus Lidström's Microtonic software, allowing the desktop app to be used to tweak sounds, effects, or generate patterns that can be digitally transferred to the tiny synth using audible sounds reminiscent of dial-up internet."

On this new product, one of the features being noted is the built-in microphone, which, as Geeky Gadgets said, "handles the direct transfer of sounds and pattern data between multiple units. As well as now including the ability to import/export patches and patterns to and from the compact instrument."

It has 16 sounds 16 punch-in effects, and the ability to chain up to 64 patterns together, with the return of the LCD display, said Horsey.

This compact percussion and drum synthesizer item runs on a pair of AAA batteries.

Who will want to use it? Liszewski had this in mind: Think jam sessions with friends, where you might want that freedom to sync with other Pocket Operators, or if you just like the ability to create more complex beats.

Horsey said it is available for purchase, bundled with Microtronic audio software for $139. If you want to wait a few, he added, it will be priced at $89 as standalone, and will be available for purchase in April.

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