GoSun woos outdoor cooks with Fusion's solar power

GoSun woos outdoor cooks with Fusion's solar power

Many organizations are striving to create fewer emissions or less pollution in their products. It was always likely that CES 2019 would reflect the times and that companies launching environmentally friendly products would definitely be pulling up to the hotel curbs.

A standout group doing just that is GoSun and they are introducing Fusion, the latest member of their cooker family that appeals to cooks with an anti-pollution conscience. The Fusion is at the center of its solar kitchen showcase this year.

Fusion is the name of GoSun's newest member, introduced at CES 2019, to ship later this year. The CES exhibition profile defines it as a "hybrid portable solar oven."

The GoSun Fusion is about to join their suite of stoves in Spring 2019, said the company, which expressed confidence that "it will be a remarkable addition to your outdoor life."

Pollution-wary outdoor cooks who would like to know their next meal preparation is not part of the CO2 emissions problem will be apt to show interest. The stove boasts solar cooking technology and—if it is raining or the sun is nowhere— a solar-electric heating system.

The new GoSun Fusion solar cooker aims to feed a family of five with solar technology. Fusion cooks in the sun for an hour.

How to cook a meal in the absence of sunlight?

By plugging it into a lithium ion power bank. Fusion can cook a meal drawing power from the new lithium ion power bank product, also on debut.

"The power bank will receive its energy from an accompanying foldable solar panel, also being rolled out at CES," Michael Wolf, The Spoon, said. Recharging the cooker is possible with the solar power bank and solar panel. You can charge it up and at night cook dinner. For Wolf, that was an important takeaway: "If you think solar powered cooking is something you can only do when the sun is out, think again."

GoSun overall is making cooking appliances. "Our technology runs on a vacuum insulated tube," CEO Patrick Sherwin told The Spoon, a site focused on food technology.

The cooker stays cool to the touch. As the company videos show, there is a vacuum tube and place to spoon up the ingredients—meatballs and diced veggies, for example. No propane. No charcoal.

Engadget's Edgar Alvarez, senior editor, reported that "The company says the Fusion is five times more efficient than a traditional oven." The Fusion cooks meals with the energy needed to power a lightbulb.

Molly Price, CNET, described how GoSun's cooking solution works: Sunlight is focused on its vacuum tube by parabolic reflectors, converting almost 80 percent of the sun's rays into heat, which can get up to 550 degrees.

GoSun products other than Fusion have already been on the market. These include GoSun Go, the little solar oven. You can easily hike and travel with your cooking companion, all two pounds of it. Videos show the pull-out tray loaded with diced veggies and main ingredients, cooked in as little as 20 minutes. Other models are GoSun Sport and GoSun Grill.

Whether or not CES attendees will spring for the stoves, one accomplishment is obvious; GoSun made its presence known again as a company on a mission to support fuel-free cooking.

"According to the United Nations, one of the largest problems facing the world today is clean cooking. Every day 3 billion people (40% of the Earth's population) are still cooking on open fires that consume forests and waste money."

The company's back story has an inspirational ring to it: "Founded in a small suburban garage."

GoSun founder Patrick Sherwin began his solar cooker journey with a solar hot dog cooker invention, and felt the idea could be expanded into something more. The company on their site stated, "GoSun's patented technology allows anyone to bake or cook anything, using just the sun even in the clouds and freezing cold. GoSun is driven to provide more consumer friendly solar solutions to the people who need them most."

The CES profile said "GoSun has delivered thousands of stoves in more than 60 countries that can heat up to 550 degrees."

The team at GoSun expect Fusion deliveries in the spring months of 2019. GoSun's other cookers are available now.

The company's web site said GoSun Fusion was "about to join our suite of stoves in Spring 2019. We are confident it will be a remarkable addition to your outdoor life." The company, based on its site, is taking Fusion pre-orders at $399.

More information: www.gosun.co/

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