LG will smarten home appliances with eyes and ears

LG will smarten home appliances with eyes and ears

LG has made news headlines recently because now it has its own artificial intelligence chip. LG is out to impress with its own chip for smart home products—to make them even smarter.

How so? "The AI Chip...is based on a proprietary neural engine that attempts to mimic the way the works," said Henry St Leger in TechRadar.

LG has worked up its proprietary "LG Neural Engine." Moreover, it is intended to process image and voice data even when it's not connected to the cloud, said Richard Lawler in Engadget.

Datelined Seoul, May 17, LG announced that "As part of its strategy to accelerate the development of AI devices for the home, LG has developed its own artificial intelligence (AI Chip) with proprietary LG Neural Engine to better mimic the neural network of the human brain."

They are placing "chip" as upper-case C.

Lawler, Engadget: "For the last few years LG has been pushing integration of AI features in all kinds of products with its ThinQ brand, and now it's designed custom hardware to enable on-device AI processing."

Adnan Farooqui, Ubergizmo, said (1) On-device processing makes it capable of operating without an internet connection; (2) a "separate hardware-implemented security zone" is for storing personal data.

Lawler in Engadget expanded on the on-device processing. "Similarly, the LG Neural Engine is intended to process image and voice data even when it's not connected to the cloud. That means a device with the chip could recognize its environment and adjust settings accordingly, navigate through a place it hasn't been before and understand a user's commands in natural language—all offline.

LG said that "Processing that does not require high security is designed to run in a general zone and jobs that require higher security run in a separate hardware-implemented security zone."

Beyond talk of the engine and its enablements, however, "Technical details on the AI Chip are thin on the ground," said Alastair Stevenson in Trusted Reviews, "but LG says it will give smart devices significantly improved spatial awareness, image and and location mapping powers."

"Our AI Chip is designed to provide optimized artificial intelligence solutions for future LG products," said I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics, in the company's news release.

LG Electronics plans to include the new "AI Chip" in future robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators and .

On that note, St Leger brought the AI Chip all the way home for his readers. Your appliances would have their own eyes and ears. He said "the inclusion of visual and aural data effectively gives your appliances eyes and ears... giving them more information with which to carry out tasks effectively." It may also result in their detecting physical and in the environment that might affect use.

Lawler thinks "it's definitely not the last thing we'll hear about LG and AI." He said that the Korean company has been investing heavily in AI; it opened a new research lab in Toronto, which follows another North American location in Silicon Valley.

More information: www.lgnewsroom.com/2019/05/lg- … -with-own-ai-chip-2/

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