New solution to end struggle with lofted beds

New solution to end struggle with lofted beds
A Purdue University team created a lofted bed stow step to provide a safe solution for getting into and down from lofted beds. Credit: Purdue University

College life requires sacrifices. In the name of space, many residence hall rooms across the country use lofted beds. Those setups can pose challenges for students in climbing up and down from the top bed, especially when a desk is placed nearby to help maximize room space.

Now, a group of students from Purdue University has created a solution: a simple step design that easily attaches to typical campus loft beds. The team of mechanical engineering students from Purdue's College of Engineering call their device the "Stow Step."

"We came up with this idea during a sophomore design class," said Elvin Garayev, a junior in mechanical engineering at Purdue. "Our assignment was to go through the engineering design process to create a solution for an everyday problem. This is one of the ways Purdue engineering classes set us up for future success—by challenging us to take a real-world approach to using concepts and theories to tackle challenges."

Stow Step includes a step piece and a base piece that attaches to the bed rail. Garayev said it can be assembled quickly by attaching the base and step pieces to the loft bed structure and it can be folded up out of the way when not in use.

"We applied many and design concepts to create what we believe is a viable, effective and affordable solution," Garayev said.

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