Snapchat Time Machine is a selfie-altering feature that lets you 'age' before your eyes

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Snapchat is picking up where Face App left off by rolling out a new tool that tries to show you what you look like at every phase of life.

The app's latest Lens is called Time Machine, and it includes a slider you can drag across your screen to watch the years add up. You can also use the feature to see what you supposedly looked like when you were younger.

Users will start to see the latest Lens or filter icon starting Thursday.

The new addition to the app arrives on the heels of other popular options like the Gender Swap, which drew some people to Snapchat solely for the filter. Users would save the photo, which makes them look like another gender, and then post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Over the summer, Snapchat's Baby filter also got a lot of use. The filter instantly turns any face childlike. The company says that 70% of its users toy around with the filters every day.

In 2019, people on couldn't seem to get enough of apps that use machine learning to turn selfies into airbrushed, heavily altered versions of human faces.

The widely popular FaceApp had a moment in July before raising privacy concerns. People on social media used the selfie-editing tool to make themselves appear older and crinklier.

A few months later, Gradient Photo Editor took center stage, trying to show you your celebrity lookalike—with mixed results. The app suggested that Kim Kardashian looks like Cher and Diplo looks like musician Lil Nas X.

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