Craigslist: There's finally a mobile app for that on iOS and Android

Craigslist: There's finally a mobile app for that on iOS and Android
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After more than two decades in operation, Craigslist is getting its own mobile apps.

The online classified website, founded in 1995 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Craig Newmark, earlier this week had apps arrive in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Since those app stores launched in 2008, many third-party apps have arisen to help shoppers and sellers navigate Craigslist. "Like the website, the is extremely simpleā€”no frills, bells or whistles," tech news site Gizmodo wrote about the new app. "The app's overall design mimics the website as well, meaning its mostly just text and a clean interface."

Also prevalent: "The app features the well-known Craiglist peace symbol in purple," noted Apple news site 9to5Mac.

Most who found the app gave it a thumbs up. "No longer do we have to use 3rd party apps that we're trying to do what we knew (Craigslist) could do themselves. Good job!" wrote one reviewer in the Apple App Store.

However, another was less effusive and labeled the app as "too little, too late." The reviewer went on to say, "This app does nothing to solve ongoing problems in using its online classifieds: no identity verification. No escrow. No proof required you own the place you're listing the ad for. No action from an employee if you can prove a rental listing is a scam."

The Craigslist app currently has a 4 star-plus rating in Apple's App and is ranked No. 6 among shopping apps. In the Google Play Store, the app has earned 2.6 stars out of five and has been installed by more than 10,000 users so far.

You can find links to the free apps on the Craigslist home page.

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