Electric moped, scooter will get riders pumped at CES 2020

Electric moped, scooter will get riders pumped at CES 2020
Credit: Segway

Segway-Ninebot will be keen to draw CES show-goers next month over to their new developments in electric transport, namely a brand-new scooter and brand-new moped.

The two devices were announced at an event in China ahead of CES 2020, said reports on Tuesday."Segway-Ninebot unveiled its brand-new electric bikes in a launch event held in Beijing, China," gushed the news release, with over "700 guests and journalists gathered for the debut."

The newcomers are called Ninebot eMoped and Ninebot eScooter.

The eScooter, for example, was intended for mid- to long-range use. The top E200P model (it is one out of five variants) hits a top speed of 62mph. Acceleration is from 0 to 25mph within 3 seconds "with a range of 125 miles under dual-battery mode," the release said.

All in all, the makers find their reasons to position this as scooter newcomer as "intelligent."

Features include light-sensing intelligent matrix LED headlights, backlight spectrum interactive dashboard, and high water resistance to adapt to various weather conditions. TopSpeed reported a seat bucket that can fit a full-sized helmet and conceals a USB charging port.

Sean O'Kane in The Verge wrote about the E80C variant, which "will presumably to be the cheapest, as it's powered by outdated lead acid battery technology, has a top speed of 31 miles per hour, and a maximum range of 56 miles. All the rest are powered by lithium-ion batteries."

TopSpeed had positive impressions of what could come with the advent of the eScooter. Convenience was highlighted by Sagar Patil because, said the article, there was a smartphone compatible system allowing the rider to lock and unlock the scooter through a dedicated app "that conveniently negates the necessity of carrying around a key or a fob."

Patil also praised LED headlights and taillights with intelligent light sensing technology, able to "automatically adjust the brightness of the light with the ambient brightness. That's smart."

The eMoped at 121 pounds is another urban mode of transport. Michael Kan, PCMag, wrote about its smart features, including the "keyless Ninebot Airlock system," and Micha Toll in Electrek said that a GPS-based anti-theft system can send alerts and real-time location information to the owner's smartphone.

The company release listed as features a 48V brushless motor, with a rated capacity of 400w and maximum torque of 40 lb-ft, enabling it to achieve top speed of 16mph.

Each of three models of the eMoped come has its own range options: 22-28 miles, 34-40 miles and 47-53 miles. Other features include a simple digital dashboard, with operations controlled with just two buttons, and braking system with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

At the China event, Segway-Ninebot announced two conceptual models, Ninebot eScooter T and Segway Apex. The concept models resonate with the company's desired branding for futuristic smart city transportation

The concept electric motorcycle Apex was described as a "super scooter that can achieve a maximum speed of 125 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph within only 2.9 seconds, making it the fastest product developed by Segway-Ninebot ever."

The Segway brand in the beginning became a known US brand for self-balancing personal transportation. Ninebot, meanwhile was known as a short-distance transportation equipment operator, established in Beijing, 2012. Segway and Ninebot completed their strategic combination in 2015.

Richard Lawler in Engadget commented, "Ninebot acquired Segway and its personal transports a few years ago, but now their combined transportation aspirations are growing up."

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