2019 tech gifts: A little something for everyone

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Some gift guides have a theme, but this week we have a variety of very cool gifts that would be welcome Christmas gifts for anyone - techies or not.

Here are some things I've been trying out over the last few months that I'm happy to recommend.

Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station and Solar Panel

What is it? This is a big battery that you use to power your stuff when you're away from electricity. The Explorer Portable Power Station has a 240-watthour rechargeable battery that can keep your , tablet or portable electronics running when the power is out. There are USB, 12v car plug and 110V (200w) outlets. The SolarSaga 60 Solar Panel can keep the Power Station charged up from the sun.

Who is it for? This is perfect for anyone who wants to be prepared when the power goes out. It's great for people who live in hurricane zones.

How much does it cost? $249.99 for the Power Station, $179.99 for the SolarSaga 60

Where can I get it? Amazon

Jack Mason Camber Chronograph 42mm Watch

What is it? This is a very nice-looking watch inspired by elements of mid-century sports cars. It's got a blue face with a snapback second hand. The case is made of stainless steel, and it's water-resistant down to 328 feet. Jack Mason is a local company, based on Canton Street in Deep Ellum.

Who is it for? Anyone, really. I went for several decades not wearing a watch, but I started back with my Apple watch. Now I feel naked without a watch.

How much does it cost? $275

Where can I get it? Jackmasonbrand.com

Bruush Electric Toothbrush

What is it? An electric toothbrush with sonic technology (30,000 brush strokes per minute). It is rechargeable and lasts for weeks on a charge. It has multiple cleaning modes and you can subscribe to get automatic brush head delivery. I've been using it for several months and my teeth feel great. It comes with a travel case and is available in black, white or pink.

Who is it for? If you have teeth, you can use a Bruush.

How much does it cost? $69 for the Bruush; $18 every six months for three brush heads

Where can I get it? Bruush.com

The Sonic Bomb Wireless Vibrating Alarm

What is it? This is an alarm clock that you place in bed with you so it can shake you awake. This is touted as the most powerful bed shaker in the universe. It connects to your phone to set wake-up times. It works as advertised and will certainly get your attention when the alarm goes off. The lasts up to six months of everyday use.

Who is it for? Sound sleepers, this one is for you.

How much does it cost? $39.19

Where can I get it? SonicAlert.com

SK Hynix Gold S31

What is it? This is a 2.5-inch, 1 terabyte solid-state drive. It has memory chips instead of spinning platters like traditional hard drives. SSDs are much faster than spinning drives, so putting one in your desktop or laptop can really speed things up. The SK Hynix has a five-year warranty.

Who is it for? Anyone with a desktop or laptop that uses 2.5-inch hard drives.

How much does it cost? $118.99

Where can I get it? Amazon

Deenkee DK600 Robot Vacuum

What is it? This is a small but powerful robot vacuum that can make quick work of cleaning your floors while you are away. The DK600 has intelligent navigation, anti-collision and anti-drop sensors to keep it cleaning without getting itself stuck or falling down stairs. It will clean for about 100 minutes and then return to its base to charge up.

Who is it for? Great for carpet or hard floor surfaces.

How much does it cost? The list price is $329.99, but it will go on sale during the holidays.

Where can I get it? Amazon

Clckr Phone Grip and Stand

What is it? A stick-on phone grip for any phone or phone case. Peel off the adhesive and attach it to your phone. It has a snap-out grip that doubles as a stand. When you're finished using it, the Clcker snaps back out of the way. I've been using one for a few weeks, and it's very handy.

Who is it for? Everyone has a phone. If you'd like to add a grip or stand, this is a nice one.

How much does it cost? $14.99 in a variety of colors

Where can I get it? Clckr.com

UNO cross device USB Type-C magnetic cable

What is it? This is a charging with interchangeable tips that connect magnetically. One cable can be a USB-C, Lightning or microUSB cable. The UNO cable tips connect magnetically, so if someone accidentally snags your cable, the magnet will break free instead of yanking your device off the table. One cable can charge all your devices.

Who is it for? Anyone with a variety of devices they'd like to keep charged.

How much does it cost? $30 for the cable plus one tip of your choice. Additional tips are $12.99.

Where can I get it? Chargeasap.com

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