With iOS 14, more iPhone owners are customizing their screens. Here's how they did it

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Thanks to iOS 14, iPhone owners have been getting a lot more creative.

In case you haven't noticed, several users have hopped on to share their iOS "aesthetic," highlighting the custom themes and app icons on their home screens.

The themes vary from following the same to a fall or Halloween theme, based on various posts shared on Twitter and Instagram. Some are also inspired by pop culture favorites like Star Wars or Disney.

The launch of iOS 14 last week introduced several features opening the door for this type of customization. Apple expanded upon widgets to give them more depth and style your screen based on the information you care about most.

Of course, if you own an Android phone, this is nothing new. Features allowing users to customize their home screens have been on Android's platform for a while.

So how can you customize your own iPhone screen? Most of the work is done through two apps: Shortcuts and Widgetsmith. Twitter user @Kaylasfro has a detailed breakdown of how to customize your home screen.

In Shortcuts, users "add an action," then search for "open app." Users then add it to their , then customize with the name and an image from your camera roll.

Users can then create custom widgets in the app Widgetsmith for calendar, clock, photos and other apps.

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