Facebook gives you more control over your timeline, minus algorithm

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If you ever got frustrated about Facebook showing you posts it thinks you want to see, we have some good news for you.

A new update to Facebook's News Feed puts you in control of your timeline, with a Home, Favorites and Recent tab.

The Recent tab, as first spotted by Reviewgeek.com, lets you see posts in chronological order, without relying on the Facebook algorithm to sift through them. (They'll still have to be by your friends to show up there, however.)

The Home tab shows the posts the old-fashioned way, with the Facebook algorithm deciding for you. And the Favorites tab takes the algorithm to a new level, it has you check tabs for only the friends you want to hear from, which could make for a very boring News Feed.

This is a new feature that's rolling out to mobile devices only. When we checked our desktop News Feed, it was business as usual, with no changes.

The new tabs were discovered on an Apple iOS Facebook page. A check on Android shows the old Facebook page, with the "What's on Your Mind," searchbox and tabs for Live video, posting posting or checking in.

U.S. TODAY reached out to Facebook for comment.

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