Ready for smart bathrooms? Kohler unveils app-controlled bathtub

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In a Kohler future, you step into a bathtub controlled by an app and use a toilet or sink without ever touching it with your hands.

The known for making amenities revealed its plans for your bathroom ahead of CES 2021, the year's biggest annual tech event.

Most notable is the Stillness Bath, which attempts to mimic the experience of a luxury spa right in your home.

The tub uses a combination of fog, lighting and smells generated through to "relax the mind, soothe the body and renew the spirit," according to Kohler.

A version of the bath called the "Infinity Experience" will fill the tub with water from the bottom and flow over on to a wood moat to create relaxing sounds.

That luxury tub comes at a luxury price, though. It starts at $6,198, while the Infinity Experience costs nearly $16,000. It launches next year.

Among some of the other ways Kohler is attempting to smarten up your bathroom:

  • Smart . The company's Innate intelligent toilet will open and close automatically, and boasts a heated seat and personal bidet. And it's also got a remote
  • Touchless faucets. Meant for homes and other residential spaces, the faucets include sensors allowing them to automatically turn on without touching the handles.

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