Ohio State opens up Apple app development and coding program to the public

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An educational program at Ohio State University teaching students app development and coding using Apple's Swift programming language will be available to the public.

The , which launched just over a year ago, features online-only where potential students can learn to code and make apps for Apple's App Store at their own pace.

The program was originally only available to Ohio State students, faculty, staff and alumni. To date, more than 3,000 have enrolled in the program.

The initiative was always meant to go public, said Cory Tressler, Ohio State's director of learning programs and Digital Flagship, during an interview with U.S. TODAY. However, as the pandemic took hold of the U.S. and its workforce, the university chose to accelerate its public offering to help anyone seeking to add new digital skills.

"It doesn't matter your background with technology, of how savvy you are or not, as long as you have a willingness to jump in and try this," said Tressler.

The program consists of four courses and participants will earn several certificates upon completion. The first course requires 180 hours of time, while subsequent courses require 90 hours.

The first two courses cost $350 each, while the final two courses are $450 each. Coding hopefuls can sign up beginning Wednesday.

The courses are built around Apple's coding curriculum and Xcode, a free tool used to create apps for Apple platforms.

Tressler said the OSU program was built so anyone can participate. "It's designed for really anybody that's interested in learning , really at a level zero if you will, so you don't have to have any ," he said.

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