Apple Maps will now display where to get a COVID-19 vaccine

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Your iPhone will make it easier to find a location to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Apple announced Tuesday it will display on its Apple Maps app places where users can go to get a COVID-19 .

The data comes from VaccineFinder, a free, online service developed by Boston Children's Hospital.

Apple product users can search for a nearby vaccination site by asking Siri or typing in the search bar within Maps.

When you click on a specific site within Maps, you will find details including address, phone number and operating hours. Apple says the feature will roll out with 20,000 locations, with more added in the coming weeks.

Tech companies have stepped forward to provide information on getting a COVID-19 shot as vaccines continue to roll out across the country. Earlier this week, Facebook unveiled a tool in its COVID Information Center where users can find locations that offer vaccines.

In January, Google announced it would provide more information within searches for COVID-19 vaccines to help users find the nearest . It also said the company will partner with a medical provider and public health authorities to open up sites in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle, to provide vaccines.

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