Google adding new features to Chromebooks as devices turn 10

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Google's popular low-cost Chromebooks are turning 10, and they are adding features to mimic higher-end devices like Apple's MacBooks.

The tech giant unveiled the future for Chromebooks on Tuesday, detailing several features coming to its Chrome operating system soon.

Among them is Phone Hub, a feature similar to Handoff for Macs which allows Android users to quickly move between their smartphone and Chromebook. For example, users can check text messages or on your smartphone through Chromebook. Also, it will show the last tabs you had open on your phone and pick up right from the laptop.

The devices will include an expanded Wi-Fi Sync so your Chromebook will automatically connect to networks you've approved on your phone.

Chromebooks will also feature updates to its clipboard tool and a new Screen Capture feature.

The first Chromebooks launched in 2011, as Google partnered with hardware makers Acer and Samsung. Other companies including HP and Lenovo have since joined in creating Chromebooks, devices limited in power compared to traditional laptops but available at a more affordable price.

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