PowerPoint Live helps Microsoft Teams users present remotely

PowerPoint Live helps Microsoft Teams Users present Remotely
Credit: Microsoft

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations around the globe have had to implement remote work policies, creating the need to address new challenges like virtual presentations and meetings.

With the new Microsoft Teams tool PowerPoint Live, Teams users will now be able to view all of their presentation content in one location on their screen. To begin, the thumbnail strip encompasses the entire slide deck in one view so presenters can better track upcoming slides. Presenter mode also gives presenters a clear view of their private chat threads, review notes and audience, including the ability to observe audience reactions without glancing away from their own speaker notes. Presenters can also easily switch between multiple speakers, allowing each person to take control when needed, while the Grid view centralizes content to help the user maintain their place within a larger presentation.

To create an environment better suited to accommodate nonverbal cues and team engagement, the PowerPoint Live Dynamic view automatically adjusts and personalizes a viewer's layout whenever new guests join, speak or begin presenting. For the presentation itself, Presenter mode places the presenter at the "front and center" of the meeting, reducing the distraction of seeing multiple guests highlighted all at once.

PowerPoint Live helps Microsoft Teams Users present Remotely
Credit: Microsoft

PowerPoint Live also includes a Live Reactions feature, where users can use emojis in real time to interact without interrupting.

Because the tool curates a user's viewing experience based on their device, all animations, graphics, transitions and more come equipped for multiple types of visual engagement and screen size. In addition, these features use far less bandwidth than that typically required for screen sharing, enabling viewers with a weaker internet connection to participate equally in a meeting or presentation.

For larger, company-wide meetings, Teams users can host interactive webinars of up to 20,000 viewers, though Microsoft plans to decrease capacity to 10,000 attendees after June 30, 2021, if the pandemic continues to wane. Regardless, this new addition to Teams ensures full-time remote viewers or those who are traveling and unable to attend a meeting in person will benefit from enhanced accessibility and ease of participation.

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