Amazon unveils smaller, lighter Echo Buds starting at $120

Amazon unveils smaller, lighter Echo Buds starting at $120

Amazon is releasing a revamped version of its wireless Echo Buds that are lighter, smaller, and feature a redesigned case for wireless charging.

The tech giant unveiled its next-generation Echo Buds on Wednesday. The will be available in either black or glacier white, and will sell for $119.99 for a version with wired charging or $139.99 for one with wireless charging.

For a limited time, both sets of earbuds will go for $99.99 and $119.99, respectively. They will also include six free months of Amazon Music Unlimited and Audible Plus (customers must be eligible for a free trial).

The Echo Buds are available to pre-order Wednesday and start shipping in May.

"It's never been easier for customers to bring Alexa with them throughout their day," said Tom Taylor, senior vice president of Amazon Alexa, in a statement.

The new Echo Buds are 20% lighter than the previous model, while cases are 40% smaller. They also have a shortened nozzle and built-in vents to make them more comfortable to wear and reduce ear pressure.

The buds will include four ear tip sizes and two wing sizes. The Alexa app features an Ear Tip Fit Test to ensure the buds fit correctly.

The Echo Buds also boast new technology for Active Noise Cancellation, which Amazon says cancels twice as much noise as the previous model. There's also a Passthrough mode allowing users to still hear their surroundings while wearing the earbuds.

The Echo Buds also support Alexa, featuring microphones for users to make verbal requests. Later this year, the Buds will include a VIP filter to let users choose which notifications they want to hear.

Echo Buds get up to five hours of music playback on one charge. The earbuds' case provides up to two additional charges, says Amazon, providing a total of 15 hours of music playback. Users can also quick charge for 15 minutes to get an additional two hours of playback time.

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