PlayStation 5 owners can finally use extended storage for games with new update

The PlayStation 5

An upcoming update for the PlayStation 5 will make it a lot easier to store your downloadable video games.

Sony announced Tuesday it is rolling out the first major software update Wednesday for the PS5 since launching last November. The top feature coming to the is support for external USB drives for storing PS5 games.

If you run out of space on your PS5, you can transfer games onto an external USB stick to make more room. However, users can't play those games directly from the USB stick or download games directly to the drive, says Sony.

PS5 owners can already keep PS4 titles on a USB drive, and can play them directly from the device without transferring them to the PS5.

The update also introduces Share Play, where PS5 players can share their screens with others on a similar console or the PS4. This would allow, for example, a PS4 player to test out a PS5 shared by a friend using the new console.

The company also plans to introduce several features to its PlayStation smartphone app, including the option to join a multiplayer session from the app and the ability to manage console storage.

Since its launch in November, the PS5 as well as rival Xbox Series X have been difficult to purchase. Website checks by U.S. TODAY on Tuesday show retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart remain sold out of both devices.

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