Streaming king: Ludwig Ahgren sets new world record for Twitch subscribers, passing 'Ninja'

Move over, "Ninja"! There's a new Twitch king.

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren set a new world Tuesday for having over 270,000 subscribers after a 30-day streaming binge. Ahgren surpassed Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the popular gamer and Fortnite star, who has 269,155 subscribers.

Ahgren, 25, who is on Twitch under "ludwig," hyped up his followers as he closed in on Blevins' mark.

"We're about there, boys," said Ahgren, saluting his followers on his Twitch channel as he reached 270,000 subscribers—and counting. "There it is! You were here as this is the new record on Twitch for most subscribers (of) all-time! ... That was insane!"

The Los Angeles-based streamer, did a marathon Twitch followers call a "subathon," where he played video games, cooked, chatted and slept. Ahgren said during his stream he thought he'd only stream for 24 hours nonstop, maybe 48. But his grew as he set it up that for every new subscription 10 seconds were added to an onscreen clock that showed how long he could stream.

Ahgren tweeted on Sunday that his session would end midnight ET Tuesday. He reportedly said for each he got Tuesday, he would match them with a $5 donation to go either to St. Jude Children's Hospital or the Animal Humane Society.

Ahgren later tweeted Tuesday that "I WAS HERE," showing a graphic of him ahead of Blevins in terms of Twitch subscribers. Ahgren also took a moment to thank his followers.

"It's a different game. I remember, when I was coming up that I wanted to be the biggest streamer ... it felt like the goal (kept) going, going further away, just keep running, running away from me," said Algren during the stream, as a cheesy slow piano melody played in the background. "Buh, uh, we did it. We broke the record, this is us ... this is your guys' record."

Algren also joked he'd be "swimming in" cash, and then said, "let's try to donate as much money as possible today!"

As for Blevins aka "Ninja," who's known for streaming with fellow celebrities, he took time to tweet praise on Ahgren on Tuesday.

"Records are meant to be broken, I would be lying if I said wasn't a little sad but congrats @LudwigAhgren on holding the new sub record on twitch."

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