Bad Twitter crops begone: Vertical photos will now look 'bigger and better'

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Your vertical photos will start to look a lot better when scrolling through feeds on Twitter.

The social media platform said it rolled out "bigger and better" images for both iOS and Android.

Previously, when would post a vertical photo, it was only available to view fully when you clicked on an individual tweet. When those photos streamed onto your feed, they got cut off, sometimes in awkward ways.

With this update, users will now be able to see those vertical images completely in their feeds.

Twitter demonstrated the change with a side-by-side comparison of an image of a long-necked egret. "No bird too tall, no crop too short," reads the company's tweet.

There is one downside to the change: it essentially eliminates tweets where you "open for a surprise." The tweets took advantage of the platform's photo cropping by hiding key elements of a photo that were only visible when you clicked on a tweet.

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