Ralph Lauren's next venture is a metaverse holiday experience for Roblox

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We may not fully know what the metaverse will look like, but at least our digital selves will dress sharp as we find out.

On Wednesday, designer Ralph Lauren unveiled a holiday-themed experience complete with unique outfits for the kid-friendly game Roblox.

Players will get to explore a wintry landscape while participating in activities together such as ice skating, toasting marshmallows and grabbing a hot chocolate, as well as joining a holiday treasure hunt to unlock exclusive accessories.

"Our engagement in the metaverse is a natural extension of our lifestyle brand which, at its core, has always been about stepping into the worlds of Ralph Lauren," said Alice Delahunt, chief digital and content officer for Ralph Lauren, in a statement.

Players can also customize their avatars with Ralph Lauren clothing at virtual Polo shops located in Roblox.

The experience will be available through Jan. 3, 2022.

The metaverse is a combination of virtual and augmented realities along with other tech allowing users to live, work and socialize in a digital universe. Many supporters of the metaverse believe it will succeed the modern internet.

Ralph Lauren has dabbled in the metaverse before, partnering in August with Zepeto, a social networking app, creating a digital collection of apparel and a thematic world for users to socialize.

Ralph Lauren is one of several brands to partner with Roblox, considered one of the frontrunners in the push toward building a metaverse. In September, Roblox announced a partnership with shoe company Vans to create a virtual skate park and offer users the chance to buy Vans gear.

Roblox also has a partnership with fashion icon Gucci, announced last summer.

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