Hydropower supply chain deep dive assessment: Report

Hydropower: Supply chain crunch
A large generator is installed at the Meldahl hydropower plant in Kentucky. The energy sector anticipates longer lead times in procuring such large components for increasing construction and modernization of U.S. hydropower plants. Credit: American Municipal Power

A new Department of Energy report produced by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) identifies several supply chain must-haves in maintaining the pivotal role hydropower will play in decarbonizing the nation's grid.

The "Hydropower Supply Chain Deep Dive Assessment" is part of a series of reports on readiness that spotlights the impacts of a burdened supply chain—from an aging workforce to a lack of domestic sourcing for components such as microchips and large steel castings for turbines.

While the adequately supports the existing U.S. fleet, the sector is preparing for longer lead times in procuring components for new construction and modernization efforts in response to growing demand for hydropower.

"It was illuminating to see how little public data are available to trace hydropower supply chains," said ORNL's Rocio Uria-Martinez. "But this analysis has brought all parties together to better inform policy and develop workable solutions."

More information: Hydropower Supply Chain Deep Dive Assessment

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