Matching business needs and solutions in the biogas and gasification sectors

Matching business needs and solutions in the biogas and gasification sectors
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The DiBiCoo project has launched the Biogas and Gasification Matchmaking Platform, a free online hub connecting countries that import and export biogas and biomethane technologies. The platform serves as a database for stakeholders in the biogas and gasification field, while also offering a business matchmaking feature and a biogas and gasification knowledge base.

The tool makes it possible for markets in developing and emerging countries to import sustainable and biomethane technologies from Europe. "The digital matchmaking platform of the DiBiCoo projects is an excellent tool to facilitate worldwide networking between biogas technology providers, project developers and investors," observes bioenergy expert Dominik Rutz of DiBiCoo project partner WIP Renewable Energies, Germany, in a news item posted on Bizcommunity.

Saving companies time

On the platform, companies can find the profiles of leading stakeholders in the biogas and gasification sectors. Users can search the companies based on their business needs, exploring by categories or finding them on the global map. By choosing a specific category of biogas and gasification technology or , the user can view the profiles of all companies active in the selected field.

The therefore saves companies time as they search for the right match. "Time efforts will be reduced both for technology providers to investigate new markets and for biogas project developers finding the most suitable companies to collaborate with for the execution of their project," explains Mieke Decorte, a technical and project manager at DiBiCoo project partner European Biogas Association, Belgium.

Promoting collaboration and knowledge

Another feature enables companies to present their business ideas and post their needs and requests for new business collaboration opportunities with different biogas solution providers. Stakeholders can refine their search for business opportunities by entering the field of interest (anaerobic digestion or gasification), the target region and country. "The platform makes it easy to find the right choice in implementing biogas and gasification technology and brings business opportunities for importing and exporting countries," notes renewable energy expert Wondwossen Bogale of iceaddis, an Ethiopian tech start-up incubator participating in the DiBiCoo project.

The platform's final feature is the knowledge base containing literature and factsheets on biogas and gasification. A selected list of literature sources provides insights on biogas, biomethane, biogas technology safety guidelines, such as the European Investment Bank and World Bank, and related studies and reports with an EU focus. There are also reports discussing current European biogas and technologies, export opportunities, European legal frameworks, and biogas markets and financing options in Argentina, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia and South Africa. Informative factsheets briefly outline the key components of biogas plants such as feedstocks, digesters, pumps, pipes and valves.

Europe is a world leader in biogas and also the leading producer of biomethane worldwide. The DiBiCoo (Digital Global Biogas Cooperation) project's goal has been to support the European biogas and biomethane industry's rapid growth by facilitating the export of related technologies from Europe to developing and emerging countries.

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