Disneyland's Facebook and Instagram hacked, spammed with racist posts

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Disneyland's Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked early Thursday and smeared with offensive, racist posts, prompting the theme park to release a statement.

A spokesperson from Disneyland Resort said the park's Facebook and Instagram accounts were compromised, and the company removed the content and secured its accounts. Calling the posts reprehensible, the spokesperson said security teams were investigating.

The posts appeared to play on COVID-19's origin in China, which has led to a rise in against Asian people since the pandemic began.

The posts were signed with the name "David Do," and two of them included a photo of what appeared to be an Asian man.

One caption read "Thinkin about that time i invented COVID."

Another post included a photo of people carrying a casket and read "I am working on COVID20."

The post also mentioned the popular Internet pop culture news show DramaAlert and tagged media personality DJ Akademiks.

Around 7:40 a.m. EST, a Twitter user wrote the "grossly racist and homophobic content has been on Disneyland's @ page for nearly an hour," calling it "completely unacceptable."

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