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Intel and Spatronics jolt Bay Area job market with more tech layoffs: New filings

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The jolts from Intel's announced job cuts have intensified with disclosures of plans by the chipmaking giant to slash more jobs in Santa Clara, California, according to new state filings.

Spartronics, a maker of printed and other , revealed in a separate filing with the state Employment Development Department, that it had decided to shut a Milpitas, California, manufacturing plant.

Intel is planning to eliminate 177 jobs in Santa Clara, effective on or after March 15, the tech titan told the EDD in a WARN notice.

"All impacted are being notified of separation with at least 60 days' notice," Marc Nadler, Intel's director of corporate people movement team, stated in the EDD filing.

With these latest , Intel has now revealed plans to eliminate 378 jobs in the Bay Area, a review of the company's WARN letters shows.

These cutbacks by Intel are part of the company's previously announced plans for worldwide staffing reductions.

"No employees will have the right to bump or displace other employees, and there is no union representing the affected employees," Nadler stated in the WARN filing.

Spartronics intends to cease operations at its Milpitas site on Milmont Drive in October, a shutdown that is expected to eliminate 74 jobs, the company told the EDD.

"This action is expected to be permanent," Spartronics stated in the WARN letter. "The entire plant will be closed."

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