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Deepfakes could create audience trust issues, expert says

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Deepfakes could "shatter" moviegoers' trust and lead to big job cuts in the film industry.

That's the verdict from expert Dominic Lees after it was revealed the latest development in the technology is set to be used in "Here," an upcoming film starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Based on a novel of the same name by author Richard McGuire, "Here" features Robin Wright and Paul Bettany and is set in a single room. It will follow the many people who inhabit it over many years from the past to the future.

To achieve this, Hanks and his co-stars will be aged and de-aged using advanced deepfake innovations from technology company Metaphysic.

Dominic Lees, associate professor of filmmaking at the University of Reading and deepfake expert, said, "Deepfakes are set to revolutionize Hollywood film. Yesterday's announcement that the AI is being used to 'de-age' stars Tom Hanks and Robin Wright in the blockbuster, 'Here,' directed by Robert Zemeckis, is the beginning of a transformation in how movies are made—and it could shatter audiences' trust in what they see on the screen.

"Deepfakes are not just about aging and de-aging stars—they can swap the faces of actors. So how will audiences know that the person on the silver screen really acted in the movie? Could this spell the end of public trust in film stars? Metaphysic emphasize that their business takes an 'ethics-first approach' because they know that audiences dislike being deceived, but it's unclear if audiences will stick around for such radical changes.

"Zemeckis is a film technology pioneer. In 2004, he made The Polar Express, the world's first film made entirely using motion capture of its stars. But that technology was labor-intensive and slow. Advanced deepfakes can transform the actors instantly, in real time. Tom Hanks will be able to watch himself as a very old man, even while he performs. No makeup, no prosthetics, no . AI threatens many skilled jobs in the : in Visual Effects (VFX) for instance, 384 skilled technicians were employed on The Polar Express but only a small team will be needed in the production of 'Here.'"

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