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Airbus deliveries bounce back in February

Airbus is hoping to deliver 720 aircraft this year
Airbus is hoping to deliver 720 aircraft this year.

Airbus deliveries bounced modestly back in February following a poor January as the group announced on Tuesday it delivered 46 commercial aircraft to clients and also took 99 new orders.

The European plane manufacturer had been fighting to claw back post-pandemic ground as suppliers struggled to meet the ramp-up the group is hoping for.

But the manufacturer delivered 39 A320 jets over 16 in January. It aims to produce 65 per month by the end of 2024 and 75 monthly by 2026.

In addition, Airbus said it handed over three A220 single-aisle planes, two A330 long-haul and two A350 wide-body aircraft to customers last month.

Deliveries comprise a reliable indicator of aerospace profitability as customers pay most of the bill on taking possession of the planes.

The health crisis severely weakened the global chain of aircraft suppliers -– of which Airbus has more than 10,000—with recruitment problems adding to supply tensions.

Disruptions in global logistics and the caused by the invasion of Ukraine were further factors weighing on the sector.

Airbus is hoping to deliver 720 this year—a target it initially had set for 2022.

Regarding orders, the manufacturer has reinstated a Qatar Airways order for 50 A320s and 23 A350s in its order book after cancelling it amid a dispute with the Gulf company settled out of court early last month.

Airbus also furthermore recorded an order from British Airways for 10 A320s and 16 other A320 orders for various unidentified customers.

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