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Strengthening confidence of end users to accelerate heat pump deployment

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Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly way to save energy and money. Nearly 17 million heat pumps were installed in Europe by the end of 2021 because of the growing demand for energy-efficient technologies and the increasing awareness about environmental issues.

The REPowerEU Plan envisions doubling the current deployment rate of individual . The objective is to reach 10 new million hydronic heat pumps installed in the next 5 years.

Filling in the heat pump knowledge gap

To ensure that the energy efficiency gains afforded by heat pumps are achieved and to facilitate their massive rollout, the HP4All project worked with the entire value chain, including end users such as consumers and owners of residential and non-residential buildings. The first step was to improve their overall knowledge of heat pumps so that they can invest wisely in the replacement of their heating system.

The HP4All team has developed a set of tailored materials for three pilot regions (Ireland, Spain and Austria) to take advantage of all the benefits this energy saving technology has to offer. Overall, the aim is to improve, develop and promote the skills required for high-quality, optimized heat pump installations in to boost confidence of end-users.

Work began by delivering a report that assesses the heat pump market's barriers and drivers in the three pilot regions and the public's perception. Surveys and interviews involving 175 respondents identified three main areas of concern: high investment costs, lack of competency training for installers and quality information for .

Support, instructions and digital tools to boost market confidence in heat pumps

Using the report as a basis, the Knowledge Hub was created to provide a broad range of resources in English, German and Spanish. It includes a video introducing heat pumps and explaining how they reduce in homes, a guide for homeowners, information about financing schemes, as well as good practice case studies.

A benchmarking tool encourages consumers and homeowners to install heat pumps by providing them with an estimated running cost and energy usage figure after they submit various details. Users are better able to understand the electricity tariff that applies to their home, annual energy consumption and heating costs, as well as their home's building energy rating. The tool was developed and tested in Ireland and Spain.

Consumers and homeowners can access an extensive electronic media, offering even more about heat pumps and their installation. About 30 recorded workshops and webinars are available.

In with local county councils, HP4All has prepared a guide to ensure Irish homeowners can operate a heat pump as efficiently as possible. The project is also introducing a one-stop shop to boost Spaniards' knowledge and developing resources and tools to make Austrians less hesitant in carrying out large-scale installations.

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