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Two 'Six Flags' parks rolling out Amazon-powered grab-and-go cashierless shops

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Six Flags Magic Mountain visitors will soon have one less line to wait in and more time to spend riding roller coasters when a new Amazon-powered grab-and-go cashierless shop opens at the Valencia amusement park.

The new Quick 6 micro-market concept opening this summer at Magic Mountain will be powered by Amazon's frictionless payment technology offering fast, seamless and contactless transactions.

"We're excited to be partnering with Amazon and Coca-Cola on a new retail location, Quick 6, opening at the park this summer," according to Six Flags Magic Mountain officials. "This is a with Amazon and Coca-Cola that will offer the innovative 'just walk out' technology allowing guests to shop and purchase items without having to wait in line for a cashier."

The new Quick 6 shop at Six Flags Magic Mountain offering a limited line of merchandise, snacks and drinks will be located near the main gate plaza and fountain.

A 400-square-foot Quick 6 location scheduled to before June at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey will sell Coca-Cola drinks along with snacks and park essentials like sunscreen and rain ponchos, according to NJBiz.

Quick 6 shoppers will select a payment method when they enter the store, choose the items they want to purchase, place them in a virtual cart and simply leave the store when they are done shopping. Selections will be automatically charged using the payment method chosen by the shopper.

The skip-the-checkout-line concept was first introduced in Amazon Go convenience stores and later expanded to Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods supermarkets. Amazon's checkout-free technology has since been adopted by other and sporting and entertainment venues.

Six Flags is billing the Quick 6 stores in New Jersey and California as the world's first automated checkout-free shops in a theme park, according to NJBiz.

In March, the e-commerce giant announced plans to close eight Amazon Go stores in Seattle, New York and San Francisco while continuing to operate more than 20 of the grab-and-go shops across the United States, according to GeekWire.

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