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Meta unveils new VR headset as Apple eyes market

Meta unveils new VR headset as Apple eyes market
Credit: Meta

Meta on Thursday ramped up its Quest virtual reality headgear line, just days before Apple is expected to put its spin on the headset market.

The new-generation Quest 3 with improved performance and slimmed design will be available later this year at a starting price of $500, Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg said in an Instagram post.

Zuckerberg described the coming model as Meta's "most powerful yet" and promised it would provide the best wireless way to experience mixed and .

He added that more details would be shared at an annual Meta Connect developers conference on September 27.

Meanwhile, the starting price of Quest 2 headsets currently available will drop to $300, according to Meta.

Zuckerberg said during a Meta shareholders meeting this week that the tech titan remains devoted to building for a future in which internet life plays out in virtual worlds referred to as the metaverse.

Apple is expected to provide a look at its long-rumored VR or augmented reality (AR) headgear Monday at an annual Worldwide Developers Conference, enticing programmers and to get a jump start on providing content.

"From all reports, Apple hoped to release a product that felt more like designer glasses than a gaming headset, but it's releasing something much bulkier," said Insider Intelligence principal analyst Yory Wurmser.

The idea is to get the device into the hands of early adopters and developers and lay the groundwork for more innovative mixed reality headsets to be released over the next couple of years, said Wurmser.

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