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Tens of thousands sign up for French electric car leasing scheme

Around 90,000 people have signed up
Around 90,000 people have signed up.

The French government has been flooded with applications from low-income households to lease a subsidized electric car from 100 euros ($109) a month, Environment Minister Christophe Bechu said on Friday.

President Emmanuel Macron unveiled the plan on social media in December as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions in France.

Some 90,000 people have applied to the scheme since the start of the month, Bechu said, whereas the government had only planned to subsidise the rental of 25,000 this year.

Paris was working with to see if the initial figure could be increased to 35,000 or 40,000 cars, the minister said.

The key for the first car was handed over on Thursday, he added.

Conditions to apply include being a French resident, not exceeding a certain , needing a car to get to a job more than 15 km (9 miles) away from home, and driving at least 8,000 km per year for work, according to the leasing platform.

People who meet these criteria can rent an electric car made in France or elsewhere in Europe for 100 to 150 euros a month depending on size for three years, then renew the subscription once.

The government pays subsidies of up to 13,000 euros for each car.

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