Earlham College

Earlham College is a liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana. It was founded in 1847 by Quakers and has approximately 1,200 students. In keeping with Friends' belief in equality, everyone addresses each other at Earlham by his or her first name, without the use of titles such as "doctor" or "professor"; likewise, "freshmen" are referred to as "first year (student)(s)". While Earlham is primarily a residential undergraduate college, it also has two graduate programs—the master of arts in teaching and the master of education—which provide a route for teacher licensure to students with liberal arts undergraduate degrees. Earlham College is listed in Loren Pope's book, Colleges That Change Lives. Earlham was founded in 1847 as a boarding high school for the religious education of Quaker adolescents. In 1859, Earlham became Earlham College, upon the addition of collegiate academics. At this time, Earlham was the second Quaker college in the United States (Haverford College was first), and the second to be coeducational (Oberlin College was first).

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