Machine learning & AI

Who Shakira should collaborate with next: What our AI research suggests

A well planned, successful collaboration can transform a musician's career overnight. Just ask Shakira: though already firmly established as a solo artist, her 2006 hit Hips Don't Lie—featuring Fugees rapper Wyclef Jean—catapulted ...

Energy & Green Tech

Electric vehicles and the challenge of fire risks in car parks

Due to the urgent need to cut fossil fuel emissions, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is both inevitable and essential. The EU is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 90% by 2040, and foresees ...


3D-printed, ultra-strong and ductile alloys form nanostructures

Additive manufacturing techniques used to produce metal alloys have gained popularity due to their ability to be fabricated in complex shapes for use in various engineering applications. Yet the majority of studies conducted ...

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