Augmented reality tech aids manufacturing productivity

High-tech factory workers of the future will rely on training and support from Industry 4.0 technology, such as augmented reality head-mounted display modules (AR-HMD), to manage workflow and remote trouble-shooting—including ...


German giant Siemens to revive historic base in Berlin

German industrial giant Siemens on Tuesday launched an urban development project worth 4.5 billion euros ($4.8 billion) in the area of Berlin known as Siemensstadt, where the company enjoyed its pre-war heyday.


Exploring the impact of AI on socioeconomic inequalities

An interdisciplinary review of how generative artificial intelligence (AI) may change work, education, health care, information, and misinformation focuses on the technology's potential impacts on social equality.


Siemens to sell electrical motors business to KPS

German industrial giant Siemens said Thursday it will sell its electrical motors business Innomotics to private US equity firm KPS Capital Partners for 3.5 billion euros ($3.8 billion).

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