Identifying artificial intelligence 'blind spots'

A novel model developed by MIT and Microsoft researchers identifies instances in which autonomous systems have "learned" from training examples that don't match what's actually happening in the real world. Engineers could ...


Algorithm quickly finds hidden objects in dense point clouds

A new MIT-developed technique enables robots to quickly identify objects hidden in a three-dimensional cloud of data, reminiscent of how some people can make sense of a densely patterned "Magic Eye" image if they observe ...

Computer Sciences

Bringing human-like reasoning to driverless car navigation

With aims of bringing more human-like reasoning to autonomous vehicles, MIT researchers have created a system that uses only simple maps and visual data to enable driverless cars to navigate routes in new, complex environments.

Hi Tech & Innovation

Self-driving vehicle service in Frisco, Texas, to start in July

The beat goes on, no turning back, as engineers and AI thinkers get us closer to alternative ways to move around that do not depend on human drivers. has announced an on-demand self-driving car service in Frisco, ...

Hi Tech & Innovation

Researchers discuss self-driving car knob settings for ethical choice

(Tech Xplore)—Learning what the technology will do on your driverless car of the future is not the most daunting task to think about. The really difficult question is the what-if in any scenario where the car would need ...

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