Machine learning & AI

Artificial intelligence paves way for new medicines

A team of researchers from LMU, ETH Zurich, and Roche Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) Basel has used artificial intelligence (AI) to develop an innovative method that predicts the optimal method for synthesizing ...


A new optimization framework for robot motion planning

It isn't easy for a robot to find its way out of a maze. Picture these machines trying to traverse a kid's playroom to reach the kitchen, with miscellaneous toys scattered across the floor and furniture blocking some potential ...


AI data fusion could boost sustainability

A new framework that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and data fusion techniques could improve product inspection for sustainability and within the context of the so-called circular economy, according to research published ...

Machine learning & AI

Biden unveils AI order aiming to 'lead the way' on safety

President Joe Biden issued an executive order Monday on regulating artificial intelligence, aiming for the United States to "lead the way" in global efforts to manage the technology's risks.

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