Energy & Green Tech

World added 50% more renewable energy but more needed: IEA

The world added 50 percent more renewable energy capacity in 2023 over the previous year but more is needed in the battle against climate change, the International Energy Agency said Thursday.

Energy & Green Tech

Global tensions risk clean energy progress: IEA chief

The head of the International Energy Agency urged the United States and China to set aside their differences and align on climate change, warning in an interview Monday that "geopolitical fractures" risked holding back the ...


NASA's Laser Communications Relay: A year of experimentation

NASA's first two-way laser relay system completed its first year of experiments on June 28—a milestone for a game-changing technology that could be the future for sending and receiving data from space.

Consumer & Gadgets

First Olympic Esports Week kicks off

The first-ever Olympic-organized Esports Week kicked off in Singapore on Thursday, but an IOC official said there is currently no plan to include video games in the Olympic program.

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