Energy & Green Tech

Made in the shade: Growing crops at solar farms yields efficiency

In the threatening trouble of climate change, growing commercial crops on solar farms is a potentially efficient use of agricultural land that can both increase commercial food production and improve solar panel performance ...


Trees outside the dyke well-suited for dampening waves

Research by TU Delft, Deltares and NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research has revealed that trees can clearly dampen waves. The trees can also withstand high waves without trouble. Planting trees in front of dykes ...

Machine learning & AI

AI likely to augment rather than destroy jobs: UN study

Artificial Intelligence is more likely to augment jobs than to destroy them, a UN study indicated on Monday, at a time of growing anxiety over the potential impact of the technology.

Energy & Green Tech

Enhancing radiative cooling with aperture mirror structures

In a world where rising temperatures increase the demand for cooling, traditional air conditioning (AC) systems contribute significantly to global energy consumption. They also heat Earth overall: to cool down a certain volume ...