Business to face tough new EU tech rules

The European Union on Monday added Dutch online travel giant to its list of digital companies that are big enough to fall under tougher competition rules.


Supercharged EU armed—at last—to take on tech titans

Clamping down harder and faster on abuses of power by the world's biggest digital companies: such is the promise of the European Union's new legal arsenal, which comes into full force from Thursday.


Critics raise privacy fears over EU message app rule

The EU will require tech giants to drop barriers between their hugely popular messaging services to boost competition, but critics warned Friday that could come at the cost of millions of users' privacy.


EU in 'final countdown' to big tech crackdown

EU lawmakers wrangled Thursday to put the final touches on an unprecedented rulebook to curb the market dominance of US Big Tech giants such as Google, Meta, Amazon and Apple.


EU in final push for Big Tech crackdown

Big tech companies could face unprecedented curbs on how they do business as early as next year, European officials said on Tuesday, as EU lawmakers put the final touches on a new law that would impact Google, Meta, Apple ...