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Q&A: How AI affects kids' creativity

Shortly after artificial intelligence models, including Midjourney and OpenAI's Dall-E went public, AI-generated art started winning competitions: one in digital art, another in photography. Concern rumbled that AI could ...

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'Ring' has a new mission: 'Hey, there's raccoons in my backyard'

For years, "Ring" touted its crime-fighting bona fides, selling smart doorbells that let homeowners remotely monitor their residences—and sometimes share what they recorded with local police. Now the Inc. unit ...

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Gamers say they hate 'smurfing,' but admit they do it

Online video game players believe the behavior known as "smurfing" is generally wrong and toxic to the gaming community—but most admit to doing it and say some reasons make the behavior less blameworthy, new research finds.

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