A DVD-sized disk that can store 1 million movies

A team of photonic engineers affiliated with several institutions in China has developed a new type of optical DVD that is capable of holding up to a petabyte of data. The group used a new material to coat the DVDs and new ...


Brash tech lobby drives social media battles to Supreme Court

After California passed a law forcing digital platforms to adopt privacy guardrails and safety standards for young users, Carl Szabo had a blunt warning for legislators attending the nation's biggest conference for state ...

Machine learning & AI

Google rows back AI-image tool after WWII gaffe

Google said Thursday it would stop users from creating images of people on its newly launched AI tool, after the program depicted Nazi-era troops as people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Electronics & Semiconductors

TSMC diversifies out of hotspot Taiwan with new Japan plant

Surrounded by fields of carrots and cabbages, workers are putting the finishing touches to a factory opening on Saturday that is a milestone for both US ally Japan and Taiwanese chip giant TSMC.

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