Intel brings Android users remote-control mouse, keyboard app

Intel brings Android users remote-control mouse, keyboard app

Intel Remote Keyboard, a free remote keyboard and mouse app for Android, has come your way from Intel. Intel Remote Keyboard is now up on Google Play Store. It is for Intel NUC and Compute Stick devices. The idea is to enable you to remote-control your mouse and keyboard in Windows 8.1 with your smartphone or tablet.

"The Intel Remote Keyboard Host App allows you to control your Intel NUC or Intel Compute Stick from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet)," is the official description.

PhoneArena on Monday said that with Intel throwing its hat in the ring of remote keyboard and trackpad apps, Intel created "one of the best we've seen so far." The offers portrait and landscape modes. The latter offers arrow keys. The mock touchpad offers gesture control—one tap as a left click, two taps for as a right click, and finger slide for up or down scrolling. PhoneArena said, "it doesn't get much easier than that."

"In an odd marriage between Windows and Android, the Intel software, available in the Google Play Store, allows Android users to use their phone's touchscreen as a keyboard or touchpad for their PC," wrote Chuong Nguyen in TechRadar. Nguyen was also impressed with its straightforward setup. "You will need a Windows 8.1 PC, and pairing your phone to your computer is as easy as scanning a QR code once the free Intel Remote Keyboard app is downloaded to an Android smartphone or tablet."

User reviews on Google Play were generally favorable. One reviewer said he was pleased that the phone made a pretty awesome track pad. He said it was a "perfect remote keyboard and mouse for quick little operations." Some called out sensitivity issues. Jared Newman in PCWorld also found that it worked pretty well "though the cursor seems too sensitive by default."

He commented that "If you've tried other remote mouse apps, you might miss some of their luxuries while using Intel's version," but he also added that what it does it does well "and doesn't cost a dime." He said "it could be all you need for remotely controlling a PC in your living room or during a presentation."

The app needs Android 4.0 and up. PhoneArena pointed out that it requires that both your computer and your Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Intel Compute Stick is a device that lets you turn your TV or monitor into a computer. Intel said it had a quad-core Intel Atom processor and choice of operating systems, Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu. The Intel NUC is a device that can be used as a fully functioning PC at a fraction of the size.

More information: … intel.remotekeyboard

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