LG Display moves advanced touch tech up to notebooks

LG Display moves advanced touch tech up to notebooks
LG Display Launches Lighter and Slimmer LCD Panels with Advanced In-Cell Touch Technology for Notebook PCs

LG Display has news for people who are into working with notebook PCs. They have announced lighter and slimmer LCD panels. Unleashing "Advanced In-cell Touch" (AIT) technology, LG Display said on Monday that they will start mass production of the panels later this year.

The AIT touchscreen was introduced for smartphones such as LG G4 but this , said the company, is the first time the technology has been applied to larger-size devices such as notebook PCs.

What is AIT? LG Display said this is a "technology that employs a touch sensor embedded within the LCD panel, replacing the 'add-on' type that places the on top of the LCD."

What difference does it make? The company said it "eliminates the space needed for a touch function cover glass, and as a result reduces the panel's thickness by 1 millimeter (approximately 25 percent) and its weight by 200 grams (approximately 35 percent) compared to a conventional 15.6-inch touch-embedded panel with Full HD resolution."

The company said users will also see the difference in a brighter, clearer screen picture. That is because there is no light loss or light reflection caused by the . The company also reported on "excellent touch response" and "precise calibration of the touch point even with water drops on the screen."

The company noted the launch in the second half of the year of the Window 10 operating system, which is "optimized for touch functions."

What's next: LG Display is working on an AIT-based panel for pen touch functions. The target application would be for two-in-one PCs for tablet and laptop functions that involve writing with a pen.

Matthew Humphries, senior editor for Geek.com, said that the company already has agreements to supply 14-inch and 15.6-inch versions to several laptop manufacturers.

In an earlier interview with LG Display, Chief Research Engineer Hong-Chul Kim said development of the AIT technology began "in earnest" in 2012. He said AIT technology is differentiated from the on-cell method, "which adds the transparent electrode film on the glass substrate with transparent glue. AIT is distinct both in terms of performance and cost."

In the recent press announcement, LG Display quoted data from IDC, that 10 percent of global notebook PCs in 2014 were touch-function embedded, and the market is expected to increase up to 20 percent in 2016 and 30 percent in 2019.

More information: www.lgdisplay.com/eng/prcenter … ew?articleMgtNo=4914

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