Exercise-coach watch has self-charging battery system

Exercise-coach watch has self-charging battery system

(Tech Xplore)—Self-charging smart watches are undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. They really do mean self-charging; they have come up with a kinetic self sustaining battery system, according to a promotional video.

They are talking in terms of an "infinite energy supply." (Yes, watches powered by have been around, but these creators claim that their system will provide infinite use without requiring additional charging from socket outlets or coin cell batteries.

And this is its sweet spot in attracting pledges.

"The main selling point of the wearable comes down to the fact that this is "the world's first kinetic self-charging battery system" designed around transforming the kinetic energy into electrical energy," said Debra Turner in Android Headlines on Monday.

How so? Kinetic movement is how the watch generates its battery power. (It has a SuperCharger Power Indicator that receives more charge the more you move, and its power reserve is indicated on the watch dial, said Android Headlines.

The watches have features including heart rate sensor, GPS system, biofeedback indication, and step count. The GPS helps to track roads taken and distance traveled.

The smartwatch automatically displays the local time accurately. The watch time gets updated automatically, said the Kickstarter faq, according to your GPS position at each sync, and you can also update the time from the watch.

What is the price? There are different packages but those who pledge $189, for example, can get a watch that eventually is planned to retail at $438. The pledge of $189 fetches the Black Edition with an estimated delivery of December.

Their design is unisex; this "Black Edition" comes with either a black or white face. A Steel Edition has a blue or black face.

Strap options in materials include leather and polymer.

The makers set their target for fundraising at about $83,000 but by now it is quite obvious people like what they see. At the time of this writing, with 28 days still to go, $331,998 has been pledged.

In a video on the Kickstarter page, a company presenter said the SuperCharger watch is but the first step of a wider vision. They apparently will go beyond watches as a form factor. They are developing their next product, he said, which will incorporate their kinetic approach to wearables.

He said they put three years of research and development to come up with a functional smartwatch prototype which was a breakthrough for them. "We started at a point where nobody believed in us. We had a vision, and made the impossible possible."

They are a small team, he added. Sequent is a startup, founded in Switzerland.

More information: www.sequentwatch.com
www.kickstarter.com/projects/1 … ic-self-charging-sma

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