You can finally play Mario Kart on your smartphone

Fans of Mario Kart finally get their wish: a version of the popular racing series on their smartphone.

On Wednesday, Nintendo rolled out "Mario Kart Tour," a mobile version of their hit go-kart racing for Android and iOS devices.

Much like versions of Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch video game console and previous Nintendo devices, choose characters from the "Super Mario Bros." universe and stick them behind the wheel of various go-karts and other vehicles.

Players can enjoy most of the experience for free, but Nintendo is offering the option of a monthly Gold Pass subscription for $4.99 per month. The subscription unlocks extra goals and in-game rewards, as well as an option to join much faster races. The game also requires a Nintendo account to play.

Vehicles will accelerate on their own, requiring players to move their thumbs left or right to steer. Players also can use special items by tapping on them when available.

A multiplayer option will be available in a future version update, said Nintendo.

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