Spotify Wrapped is back: How to see your most-streamed music in 2019

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Just weeks after Apple Music rolled out a recap of everything you've done on the app, Spotify is unveiling its annual tool that showcases your most-listened-to tracks of 2019.

On Tuesday, Spotify relaunched its wildly popular Wrapped list, and this year, it's offering a look back at some of the most from the past decade with a playlist called "Best of the Decade For You."

Wrapped also presents a range of info about your listening habits in 2019, offering a reminder about the singers, rappers, songs, podcasts and genres that you enjoyed the most.

If you pay for the premium version of the platform, you'll unlock additional personalized data that includes the number of artists you discovered and the top artist you stumbled upon this year.

How to see your Wrapped list

The list is visible in-app. Just go to search and you'll see Wrapped 2019. It's also available online at Your results can be shared to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook so you and your friends can talk about it.

Spotify is switching things up a bit also by displaying how global your tastes are by highlighting where some of your top artists are from on a world map. The music streaming giant also recently crowned Drake, who's from Canada, the platform's Most-Streamed Artist of the Decade with over 28 billion streams.

Last month, Apple launched its version of Wrapped called "Apple Music Replay," and it's a function that lets users look back at the songs they loved in 2019. Beyond that, Apple will show you your top song from each year that you've been subscribed to Apple Music, which launched in 2015.

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