YouTube offers small businesses a free tool to create videos

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With many businesses of all sizes struggling amid the coronavirus shutdown, YouTube announced Tuesday the launch of its Video Builder Tool for firms that need an easy and low-cost way to create videos.

The is aimed at that "don't have resources to create videos from scratch," may not have the experience building video or just don't have the staffing to do so. The tool is free to use, and no ad spend is required.

"With this tool, any business who needs a video can create one that helps connect with their customers and keep them informed—whether through an , website or email," said Ali Miller, director of Product Management at YouTube Ads, in a blog post.

YouTube joins myriad video editing tools already on the market, most notably Vimeo. However, the company is placing its bets on the fact that videos produced by its tool are optimized for YouTube viewers and integrated with the Google Ads program.

"It's a free beta tool that animates static assets—images, text and logos—with music from our library," Miller added. "You can choose from a variety of layouts based on your message and goals, customize colors and font and quickly generate a short YouTube video (six seconds or 15 seconds)."

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