Sony's new PlayStation 5 video spot signals launch of new console system

Sony is kicking off its marketing blitz for the PlayStation 5 video game system.

A new digital advertisement touts a refreshed PS5 global theme of "Play Has No Limits" for the new gaming console, due to launch this upcoming holiday season.

The 74-second spot is almost completely computer-generated, a strategy necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 70 visual effects artists worked on the project, which stars a young woman exploring a fantastical landscape in which a giant kraken straight out of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" breaks through an ice floe.

As the adventure continues, she escapes to find herself in a Call of Duty-style encampment just before it gets shelled. Next we see her firing burning arrows at God of War-sized monsters.

Those three vignettes are meant to emphasize the PlayStation 5's features including 3-D audio, which will deliver many across the soundscape simultaneously, feedback in the controller to deliver sensations, and controller triggers that may mimic tension, such as a more accurate feel for the gas pedal in Gran Turismo 7.

"The idea behind the spot is ... showing how (the PS5) will immerse the player in the through the use of those features," said Sony Interactive Entertainment's global head of marketing Eric Lempel.

When players can get their hands on the new console isn't official yet. Sony has not announced a release date—or a price—but the maker has said it will be out this .

Had there been no pandemic, Sony would have likely had many this summer and fall for consumers and media to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 controller and test games.

"Normally when we go to market it's a big event," Lempel said. "We want to still preserve all of the excitement and make sure we are celebrating this moment for the fans. But the current situation of the world made it harder for us to go to market the way we would like, so there's a lot of challenges with that."

This new spot is "trying to convey a feeling," he said. "We think people will start to get some of those feelings from seeing this."

To maintain social distancing, the actress in the spot filmed some portions in a small studio and other segments from her own apartment.

Workarounds caused by the pandemic will continue, as PlayStation 5s and video games are sent to retailers where consumers can purchase them. Sony didn't offer any details for consumers on the rollout of the console.

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