celebrates its 22nd birthday with an animated Zoom-style party logo

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Google celebrated its 22nd birthday in the most 2020 way possible, with an animated Zoom-style party.

The search giant unveiled a new temporary logo on Sunday that shows its capital letter G commemorating the company's special day via a video call party with other letters from Google's name.

The big G sits in front of a laptop with a gift and a slice of cake. Meanwhile, the other letters are videoing in. The two Os are seen wearing party hats, the little G sits before a bunch of balloons, the L blows a birthday horn while the E sits a little too close to the camera.

The animated Google Doodle rolled out on on Sept. 27, and provides social commentary on how people are honoring major events remotely to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Google also reflected on the company's past in a blog post.

"The partnership between Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin traces its roots to the sunny campus of Stanford University. As graduate students, the pair set out to improve the way people interacted with the wealth of information on the World Wide Web," the search engine behemoth said. "In 1998, Google was born, and the rest is history. "

It's far from the first time Google has updated its logo in honor of its big day.

When it turned 21 years old in 2019, Google's search page was updated with a rendering that shows an old PC visiting the tech giant's retro homepage from the '90s. When it turned 11, the two Ls in its logo were converted into the number 11.

It has also recreated its with various types of balloons and cakes over the years.

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