Italy fines Facebook 7 mn euros over data protection

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Italy's antitrust regulator announced Wednesday a new fine of 7.0 million euros ($8.45 million) against Facebook for misleading conduct on data protection.

According to the authority, known as AGCM, the US giant fails to properly inform users about how it collects and uses their data for commercial purposes.

AGCM had already fined Facebook 5.0 million euros in 2018, charging it with unfair trading practices, and ordered it to take corrective action.

Wednesday's second fine came because the US company ignored orders to alter its practices as requested, the Italian regulator said.

Even if Facebook no longer advertises itself as free, "immediate and clear information on the collection and use of user data for commercial purposes is still not provided," AGCM said.

"This is information that the consumer needs to decide whether to join the service, in light of the economic value for Facebook of the data provided by the user, which represents payment for the use of the service."

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