The Chrome browser leans in with more personal profiles

[Sean La Roque-Doherty] The Chrome Browser Leans In With More Personal Profiles
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Space: It is a final frontier for astronauts and astronomers to search and explore other worlds, but for many of us, it is about personal space—a place where you have the freedom to be yourself, form an identity, and extend yourself into public areas in unique, creative and memorable ways.

Google acknowledges the need for more personal and efficient space in Chrome and leans in with an improved profile experience, making it easy to create or switch to your private area in the and recognize it as your own with a customized theme and .

It is annoying and inefficient to share a browser with others or combine social roles on one. Individual browser histories and saved bookmarks mix with those of other users or combine work and play. And with shared computers, it's inadvisable to enable the browser to save passwords or autofill . Otherwise, your private life or work products can be compromised, even stolen.

Profiles are not new to Chrome. The browser lets users change Google accounts after startup, keeping history, bookmarks, themes and extensions separate from other configured accounts. Chrome also enables users to sync those accounts across devices. But the new profile experience lets you choose the correct one on startup or use a guest role, which leaves no history or other traces, like cookies. The fresh experience also lets users easily switch profiles while Chrome is running.

"Once everyone's set up, it's easy to select the right profile for the right moment," said Google. The improved profiles let users select and retain a background theme and color scheme to easily identify their , where bookmarks, history and saved passwords are stored separately from other profiles. Turn on sync and get all your personalized settings and information across desktops and mobile devices.

The updated profile experience is deploying to desktops and comes with a reading list feature already available on the Chrome app for Apple iOS devices. When you save (star) a favorite web page, Chrome prompts you to keep it as a bookmark or add it to your reading list for later.

Although there may be no need for the new profile experience on personal mobile phones, Android and Apple iOS operating systems on would benefit from the latest Chrome experience.

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